Holbrook’s Heirlooms speciality.

We have been producing exquisitely crafted custom made  kitchens for over 35 years.

We designs kitchens for new construction or renovations. We will move walls, enlarge windows and doors and install flooring all in pursuit of your dream kitchen. We tailor everything to your needs and can work with any budget.

Below are galleries of our kitchens. You can scroll down to view these galleries or click on the wood types listed below.

Featured Kitchen: Wade and Debbie

This full-feature custom kitchen was made to fit the space available in a new build, and the owners’ vision and budget.


As you can see the Cherry is a rich wood that gives kitchens a warm yet sophisticated look. The counter tops are solid granite.

Cherry with Stain


Oak, Fir and More

Douglas Fir

Alder with Maple Counter Tops

Alder with Cherry Stain

Alder is a versatile and often economic option for kitchen cabinet making.

Alder with White Stain

White Alder

This is an alder kitchen that has been painted white. The difference between white paint and white stain (as in the above kitchen) is that paint covers the grain whereas you can still see the grain and some of the alder colouring through the stain.

Modern Old-Growth Two-Tone

This is a large old growth fir kitchen that has been painted blue with two-tone anti-scratch catalytic polyurethane. The difference between paint and stain (as in the above kitchen) is that paint covers the grain.